Monthly Archives: January 2016

CEO Students Meet the Mentors


One of the most important goals of the CEO program is that the students learn from real life business experiences.  Those always involve interaction with business men and women in the form of a presentation, an activity, a tour, or through mentorship.   Anyone who interacts positively with these young people is a mentor, but this next phase of our […]

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Leading Economically Competitive & Resilient Communities (ECRC) Workshop Series


The ECRC training series provides two-day intensive workshops for elected officials.  Two modules are offered: module A is a two-day course on economic development strategies; module B is a two-day course on disaster recovery and economic resilience.  Course content is designed for mayors, county executives, other local elected officials and economic development leadership. The material will help prepare community leaders […]

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CEO: We are 6 years from WHAT?


One of the great things about being under the umbrella of the Midland Institute of Entrepreneurship is that we have offers from terrific, inspiring speakers to be with our students and guests. This week, we met John Perles, former pro golfer, businessman, motivational speaker, and advisory board member to MIE , and super supporter of all things CEO! Read more…

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CEO: Taxes, insurance, liability, oh my!


As you frequent readers know, there is a recurring discussion in our class about “success” and how it is different for different people.  Now we are examining our own success with our class business. When we first started “Christmas Cash”, we thought success would be to have at least 20 discounts for our booklets and hoped to sell 200 booklets […]

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CEO: Getting Down to Business


As we approach the writing of the team member’s individual business plans, we are getting down to business about business! This week we met with two successful A-J graduates under 30 who are experts in finance.  Though their perspectives were different, both shared expertise and wisdom about being informed for your future.  Kelli Wood is a Financial Advisor with an […]

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