Business Organizations

Union County Economic Development Corporation

Whether you are interested in developing a new business in Union County, Illinois, or would like information and assistance on growing your existing business, UCEDC is here to help you.  Located in the southernmost part of Illinois, Union County welcomes your business investment with attractive locations, available work force, and business-positive county and municipal governments.

It shall be the mission of the Union County Economic Development Corporation to promote regional growth in the Union County area by capitalizing on the region’s assets and pooling the resources of those communities located in the county to enable recruitment and retainment of business and industry vital to the economic future of the region.




Union County CEO Program

The Union County CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) Program is based on the successful program in Effingham, Illinois.  The CEO program:

  • Is funded by business investors
  • Is open to high school juniors and seniors
  • Selects students through a rigorous application process
  • Serves students from public and private high schools
  • Meets for 90 minutes each day
  • Provides 2 high school credits
  • Utilizes area businesses as classrooms
  • Visits dozens of area businesses each year
  • Hosts 50-60 guest speakers each year
  • Emphasizes 21st century Learning skills
  • Provides the opportunity for each student to start their own business
  • Provides a mentor from the business community for each CEO student
  • Hosts an annual trade show to showcase student businesses



The object for which it is formed is to foster and promote the public welfare and general interest of Union County, Illinois, through support, and promotion of existing and new businesses, industry, agriculture and tourism.

The Chamber office is located in the downtown of Anna, Illinois and Serves as a welcome and information center for all of Union County.

Each year thousands of tourists as well as residents visit the Chamber to request maps and information on things to do and see in Union County.

Helping create and maintain a climate for business growth, serve as a business advocate in city, state, local and national government affairs, and provide credibility for your business through association.

Union County Women in Business's Profile PhotoUnion County Women in Business is a dynamic and forward thinking organization. Started in 1992 to help women be successful in all phases of business, the charter group was nurtured by the Small Business Development Center at Shawnee College .

Since 1995, the group has been the key sponsor and coordinator of the highly successful Union County Business Expo with the support of Union County
Economic Development. The event has grown to include almost 100 vendors, nearly 400 participants, and, recognizing its value to our county, for a number of years has been given support by the Union County Chamber of Commerce and the Union County Government .

In addition, the membership has been able to provide many scholarships to students
interested in business in each Union County school for a number of years.

Watch for the good things UCWIB continues to do for its members and their businesses, for students interested in business and for the county—our community at large.



The Locally Fir$t campaign is a program rooted in the Union County Women in Business working for the last several years to educate our community on the benefits of shopping locally in order to end the $44 million in retail leakage from Union County.