CEO: Businesses are Starting


It is really happening!  The businesses are in various stages of starting, websites are becoming active, Facebook “likes” are growing, display materials are arriving or being created, and some treps have even earned income already!!

Using the fantastic headshots donated by Angelic Images’ Treena and Josh Ditto, also owners of Tech Guy Consulting, let us introduce you to our young entrepreneurs through their short business descriptions.

First, we have Samantha Smith whose blog is getting many views.  Next, you will see Kaitlin McWhorter who is already giving clinics and trail rides.  Mackenzie is building up her portfolio by giving free makeovers to those who contacted through her Facebook page.  Meghan has some events in the planning right now!  Kaitlin and Mackenzie participated in the Union County Expo, getting some very valuable experience in preparation for April 28th.

The others will soon be making their websites and/or Facebook pages active.  Watch for them on our Union County Facebook page and please “like” their pages.

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